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What do we do?

Multiracial Hands Making a Circle

Most people prefer to be treated in their own home although a clinic is available if necessary. We will come to you and on the first appointment we carry out a full assessment of your physical condition as well as looking at how well you can move. We will assess what you can do for yourself, what is difficult and what is preventing you from moving more easily.

We will ask you what you hope to achieve in the future. In the past, for example people have had help to start walking again, to climb the stairs to their bedroom, to use their arm and hand more easily, to return to work or to take up swimming and horse riding again. Whatever it is we will discuss how physiotherapy can help you to achieve your goals. We will be clear about what we think and then between us we will discuss the best physiotherapy treatment for you.

Some people need intensive physiotherapy to help them achieve their full potential, for example after leaving hospital following a stroke or injury. Other people may want physiotherapy to help them manage their condition for the long term, staying as fit and active as possible for as long as possible.

Sometimes people find that their physical condition and level of independence has deteriorated slowly over time. In this case, a short period of intensive physiotherapy and a regular exercise programme often helps to get them moving again and regain lost abilities.

Between us we have a very broad range of skills, knowledge and experience. We are trained assessors and providers of the Saeboflex device, electrical walking stimulators and arm stimulators (FES), orthotics, acupuncture, walking aids and exercise equipment.

We are trained in different types of neuro-physiotherapy including the Bobath and Motor Control approach. We can provide Pilates, constraint induced movement therapy, aquatic physiotherapy (also known as hydrotherapy) and exercise prescription.

We have all worked in this area for many years so have good links with all sorts of professional and voluntary agencies, in hospital and the community.

Whatever the reason for physiotherapy, you are in control and we are here to work with you.

If you are not sure then please phone and discuss things with us, you will not be charged and it sometimes really helps.

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