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Since Pam had her stroke in May 2014 (which disabled her so badly) she was not always treated with kindness, gentleness, respect and consideration. I was so delighted when I met Georgie and saw how sensitive she was   She was so kind and gentle with Pam. I came along for the first session and I noticed that Georgie was watching Pam’s reactions intently – Pam couldn’t speak and I knew from that moment that she was in excellent hands.  My only regret is that I didn’t arrange for Cambridge Neuro Physio to treat Pam before – I know she benefited from the sessions.  From the first contact (I spoke to you on the phone) I knew I had made the right choice. It was so clear that your team had the appropriate experience to help her – and you put Georgie in touch with me very quickly. From my point of view too, a completely positive experience. – FF

After leaving hospital with a spinal cord injury I was really keen to continue with the physiotherapy that I was doing in hospital, and this was when I contacted Will. We discussed what I wanted to achieve and how to go about reaching those goals, the physio during that time has made a big difference and I cannot thank Will enough. I’m now continuing my physio with Jenny and as with Will it is going really well, coming up with new ideas to keep it fresh and interesting. Since meeting Will and Jenny it has made a real difference and can’t recommend them enough. – MA

In 2005 I was involved in a particularly nasty road traffic accident. I was in a coma for three weeks and broke my pelvis. Recovering in Addenbrooke’s I assumed that I would not walk again. When I entered the Lewin ward for rehabilitation I met Will for the first time and was immediately impressed with his down-to-earth approach. Following a lengthy period of recuperation at home I met Will again in 2010 and following a detailed examination he wrote a report and recommended an orthosis for my dropped foot and came up with an exercise regime with the comment that if it were followed I would be walking 2 miles in a year.  Credit must also be given to a woman we had living here at the time who was effectively my case manager and who made sure that I did the exercises, but suffice to say that one year on and I was walking up to two miles and in my job (teaching at the university). I need to be on my feet for long periods and I can now accomplish this without needing to sit and rest. Also it must be said that the way that Will comes across to people (everyone, not just patients) is remarkable, a rare gift. – Stephen T

My husband suffered a severe stroke in December 2009. On his discharge from the Lewin Rehabilitation Unit at Addenbrooke’s, he found physiotherapy provided by the NHS was not sufficient enough for his ongoing recovery. Fortunately for him we contacted Cambridge Neuro-Physiotherapy and since that time he has never looked back. The extra surprise for him was Georgie and Katie had worked with him in his rehabilitation before his discharge from hospital, so just having familiar faces was a bonus. – Joy P

Katie has been assisting Malcolm for nearly a year. From the beginning Katie wanted to know exactly what we were aiming for to help Malcolm’s recovery. Malcolm wanted help to walk again, and with Katie’s physio and helping Malcolm to make contact with Dr K… and R…, Malcolm walks very well with the aid of a splint. Katie still sees Malcolm for physio, keeps in touch with Addenbrooke’s and always looks after his well-being. – Barbara L

We can’t recommend Will Winterbotham highly enough. Mum had a stroke two years ago and was told by the doctors that she could not expect to walk again. Through professional care focussing on one step at a time, and clear targets, mum is now able to cross the room with a quad stick. Things are still advancing. Will has a knack of quickly gaining the confidence of his patient – working on both the physical and psychological aspects of the recovery. He also has endless patience. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to benefit from his professionalism. – WG

We approached Cambridge Neurophysiotherapy soon after I returned home from Addenbrookes Hospital having suffered a stroke. This was to supplement the support I got from the local team. The support that we have had from Georgie Chivers has been of immeasurable help physically, medically, emotionally and personally. My recovery and rehabilitation has come on significantly. Georgie has provided carefully thought-through exercises which have helped to strengthen my muscles, improve my independence and day to day living and also reduce the residual pain that I experience following my stroke. Initially the visits were weekly. By agreement they then reduced gradually as needed and are now roughly monthly. Each visit has a clear focus and is always helpful. If you are in need of neurophysiotherapy we recommend Cambridge Neurophysiotherapy and Georgie Chivers to you without reservation and complete confidence. – B and H W

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